Coffee - Seminars

  Do you know what makes your coffee so special beside the individual package? Do you know the differences in characteristics between coffees from South America or Africa in terms of flavour? What differentiates a moderate cup of coffee from a fantastic cup of coffee?

Our coffee experts do their best to ensure that you and your coffee quality will shine even more upon your customers in the future. Show your customer proudly what´s in the coffee package! Transparency in business is king.


Some more details:

  • Theoretical background about the origin, processing and refining of the coffee bean.
  • Basic handles of a professional Barista: the use of espresso machines and grinders, producing the perfect milk foam and preparing the most popular coffee drinks. All done with professional semi automatic machines!
  • Professional coffee tasting - so you can taste the difference!


We are looking forward to an interesting workshop with you!

Seminar duration: 9.30 - 16.30 pm
Participation fee: 119,00 EUR
Date: 29.07.2011
Location: Im Trauenloh 1, 63814 Mainaschaff, Germany

Attention: a maximum of 5 attendees can partake


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